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Family Scandals

"The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power,
to a point, where it becomes stronger than their democratic state.
That, in its essence, is fascism ~ownership of government by an individual,
by a group (family), or any controlling private power."
~Franklin D. Roosevelt.

* Reasons Not to Invade Iraq by George Bush Sr.!

* Thanks for nothing George!

* Liberation begins at Home!

* NO President should be above criticism (ask families of Hitler's victims)!

* Was Private Jessica another "Bush arranged photo-opt?

* 137 more oil-wells have been liberated
from totalitarianism!!!

*American corporations shouldn't be able
to avoid paying U.S. taxes

...Bush family-business partner (Osama bin Laden) was used for GOP's agenda, NOT for majorities agenda..Can GOP hide O bin laden until 2004 election ?

*GOP Hypocrisy: Republicans fail their
own standards of patriotism.

*A Prayer for America

Iran Contra Scandal

Missing America

SURPRISE!!! It was all about the OIL.

Working families get sons and daughters returned in body bags...
the rich get oil and more wealth.

Bush family-values, Neil getting divorse has girlfriend on the side.

Republican Hypocrisy at Its Worst

Victim's Father Has Strong Words For Bush

Trademark Court Gets Jeb Bush's E-Mails on Bacardi

Is Iraq Bush's Elizabeth Smart?

Whose son's and daughter's will die?

FIRST capture Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda!

Information withheld until after governor's election.

U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation

Take back the media!

Year-by-Year Analysis of the Bush Tax Cuts
Shows Growing Tilt to the Very Rich

How George Bush Sr. Almost Got Indicted for Fraud

Caryle Group (daddy bush) profiting!

Is Florida's Gov.representing
The People or, his "Cronies"?

FLA tax cuts saved worker .13
(cents) a day,saved wealthy millions

FBI investigates Bush associate

John Ellis Bush (Jeb) Beginnings

Florida calls Jeb
To Answer Questions:

Ties between Jeb Bush and Enron explored

Jeb Bush Jebpardy!

Jeb Bush has fashioned an empire ruled
largely by one man

Four Lies about Social Security

Jeb Bush ally a winner
on Florida contract

Jeb Bush sides with corporate polluters

Jeb & Business...

Jeb's Voodoo Economics

Jeb Bush tax cuts?

Jeb Bush is to Florida as Ken Lay is to Enron

Jeb Bush & Family Record

E-Mails Show Jeb Bush's Office
Keenly Interested

Florida Governor is sticking it to VETS?

The Bush-Florida-Cuba connection

Jeb Bush Family

Jeb Bush's Son found Naked- from waist down (with minor).

Jeb Bush clan's family business

Fundamentally corrupt?

Jeb Bush rotten connections

Jeb Bush & Family Record

Jeb Bush unveils devious plans

U.S. fraud suit targets
ex-partner of Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's political ploy

Marketing the war on iraq

The Bushes And The Bin Ladens

WhiteWashing the Bush Boys

Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris,
created a phony list of convicted felons--

911 Attacks came just before Bush
family scandals to be announced

See who really started the mess with Suddam

Why Did Jeb make EXECUTIVE
on Terrorism on Sept. 7?

E-mail Shows Action by
an Aide to Jeb Bush

*Jeb Has To Go

Did Jeb Engineer the
Stolen Election?

John(Jebby)Bush Jr.

Columba Bush

George H. W. Bush

George W. Bush (Jr.)

Bush Babies in the Briar Patch

Jeb, Harris and Henderson.

Should Supreme court evicts jeb

More News-you won't see/hear in today's bushie-media

More News



"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president,
or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile,
but is morally treasonable to the American public." Theodore Roosevelt 1918.

Hypocrisy Watch:

Political Cartoons...Bush administration declares:


~Bush's & GOP

"We SHELL not EXXONerate saddam hussein..."

"Wonderful thing about free get a lot of opinions.
Some of them are right, and some of them are wrong. But that's what we believe."

George W. Bush, April 15.

~George W. Bush, brings Integrity back to the White House

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier-
so long as I'm the dictator."
~George W. Bush, Dec. 19, 2000

~George W. Bush, brings Integrity back to the White House

"My brother Jeb has assured me the state
of Florida."
~George W. Bush, 2000

The Bush family & the Economy?

Bright Ideas
~ Dubya

It's Clinton's fault!
~Bush's & GOP

If George Bush wins the presidency, the NRA
will be working out of his office.
"We plan to do whatever it takes to make sure John Ashcroft
retains that seat."
~ NRA Chief Lobbyist James Jay Baker,
The Hill, May 10, 2000

It's Clinton's fault!
~Bush's & GOP

~George W. Bush, brings Integrity back to the White House

"... but I also want to send a message to people from around the
country as to how to pick up
the Hispanic vote" -- George W. Bush Jr.

It's Clinton's fault!
~Bush's & GOP

One only needs to go back three generation in the Bush
family to find the seed of absolute corruption. This family is to America what syphilis is to the body.
~Bob Miller, Republican (The Late Show).

It's "always" Clinton's fault!
~Bush's & GOP

~George W. Bush, brings Integrity back
to the White House

It's "always" Clinton's fault!

"In our seeking for economic and political progress,
we all go up - or else we all go down."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Bushs secret...The Order of the Skull and Bones

*White Washing America

Bush: Hypocrisy Watch

*The Bush Legacy: Cocaine Profits

*Bush lies- media (sheep)follow


*Is History Repeating Itself? [Hitler/Bush]

*Behind The ENRON Scandal

*Let's separate the LIES from the facts!

*Gov. Jeb Bush’s strong ties to Enron!

*George W. Bush back alley abortion

*WhiteWashing the Bush Boys

All Hat No Cattle

Whose Florida Is It?

*Jeb Has To Go


*The Bush pardons -where is the outrage?


*Enron Conservatives

*Bush brothers flush surpluses down the drain

Fight the Right

*With media, scandal depends on who you are.

*Enemy of the Earth.

*Bush W. accomplishments

*ScoreCard of Evil

*Remember Reaganomics? Bush W., does

*Surplus gone to the Rich: Bush Made it happen

*How Ethical is Bush Administration?

*Nearly half still believe Pres. Bush didn't win in fair election

*Author links Bush family to Nazis

*Is this how the Bush's Gets Voted Into Office


"There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism.
The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to runin,
of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation of all,
would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."
Teddy Roosevelt in a speech before the Knights of Columbus.


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